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"Career Reorientation"

Phyllis Stein helped me through a complicated career-reorientation/transitioning phase. Working with her was inspiring, and deeply energizing. If you are willing to work through her exercises and reading materials and in general, have some space for self-reflection, you will greatly profit from working with her. I did not have time to read everything she suggested, but still benefited a lot from working with her, and I am sure the material she shared will come in useful again.

And as others mentioned, Phyllis is very prepared for every session, and is a quick and creative thinker, so no time or money is 'wasted'.

Once I could clarify some of my career questions under her guidance, I then identified a position I was excited about. Phyllis was crucial in helping me through all the steps related to landing the job. From refining my material, to strategies for interview-prepping and salary negotiation, Phyllis was extremely flexible and responsive during this phase.
So great career counseling and experience on every level!


(Jacqueline L., June 2018)

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