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Fees for career counseling are on a sliding scale, based on total yearly household income. They range from $130.00 to $260.00 per 60 minute hour.  Fees include the 15-30 minutes of preparation time prior to each meeting.  Details available upon request.



Fees for career coaching, also a 60 minute hour, are standard for all incomes at $185 an hour.

Difference between career counseling and coaching.  Career counseling is usually conducted in person, unless you are out of the geographic area.  Clients typically do not see Phyllis Stein more frequently than once a month for career counseling.  Career coaching may cover similar material in terms of content, but differs dramatically in frequency.  Career coaching is always on the telephone; clients generally schedule one to two hours a month, and meet weekly at a regular time if possible (i.e. every Monday night at 7:45) for their phone sessions which are usually ¼  or ½ hour long each time.

Cancellation Policy: I ask for the courtesy of a 48 hour cancellation notification. This allows people on the waiting list to move into an opening. Excepting cases of emergency, I will charge the appropriate fee if this policy is not honored.

Payment: Please pay by check, mailed so it arrives approximately the day of the appointment.

Other policies: All client information is confidential. Every effort is made to return phone calls and e-mails within 48 hours except during Thanksgiving week, Christmas and New Year’s weeks, July and August.

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