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"We practiced until I could be my best self..."

I have worked with Phyllis for many years and respect her as a brilliant and extremely approachable professional with deep and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of career counseling. Thanks to Phyllis's practical approach and targeted counseling, I successfully made the transition to another field and have continued to secure positions with increasing responsibility. * Phyllis lays out the work to be done, tells you what you can expect, and gently nudges you to move ahead, even when the path is difficult, as it so often is. Phyllis understands and empathizes with the difficulties of job-hunting and the world of work but always brings you back to what  you must do to find a job, to thrive, or at the least, to survive your current work environment, and does so with compassion. Her great sense of humor and relevant examples underscore her personal style and ability to work successfully with her clients. After running through simulated interviews and sample interview questions with Phyllis, we practiced together until I could be my best self in an interview situation. When one works with Phyllis, you have a great partner, whether you are on the road to a new career or position or simply trying to make sense of the world of work. I recommend Phyllis as a superb career counselor for anyone who is seeking honest, practical, and meaningful career advice and strategies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Bridget G., 2013)

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