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"I had run out of ideas"

Phyllis Stein is unmatched as a career counselor. She will bring a deep knowledge of industry and of psychology (workplace and personal) to your career issues, and help you to see potential where you might sense only deficits. If you, like me, need to revision yourself to stay in the workplace, if you don't know how to build and star in your own Act II or Act III, or how to come to the attention of the people who could hire you in your next form, then Phyllis Stein is the one for you.

Phyllis will get to the point fast -- you will write her a letter about yourself and your career life before your first appointment, so she will know when you walk in the door what most career counselors take three sessions to find out. Her fees are reasonable and based on a sliding scale -- she has made a powerful commitment to being available to people without lots of money to spend. You will not be enrolled in a program, but you will have the sessions you need and can pay for. To have access to such talent and wisdom on terms that are affordable is a very rare thing.

Here's a short-short story that is very much to the point. About the time I first began to work with Phyllis Stein, I attended a dinner party of local friends who had not gathered in over a year. It was my turn to catch the table up with what I'd been doing. I said I had run out of ideas and had started working with a career counselor who was terrific. Several people spoke up in unison: "Oh, you must mean Phyllis Stein!"                                                                                                                                                                              (Elatia H,  2013)

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