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"Transition State..."

To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to express my deep satisfaction with the career counseling services of Phyllis Stein. As an attorney practicing in the technology and biotech world for 28 years I had tried on a few occasions to make a career shift but found that I always ended up back in positions too similar to my original position. Working with Phyllis was life-changing.


For me, the fundamental difference this time around was the guidance and framework that Phyllis provided. Through my sessions with Phyllis I was able to successfully transition to a new and engaging position. Phyllis provided direction and expertise from years of experience counseling others making career changes. We focused on my interests, strengths and key values, methodically researched potential career avenues and then honed in on the few carefully defined career paths I chose. During this process Phyllis was my guide — keeping me on track and accountable, imparting her wisdom and humor, giving me the courage to live in the ”transition state” and providing support and reality-checks as necessary.


I am now employed in a new position involving health care policy and technology and will be returning to school in the Fall for my Masters in Public Health. I am passionate about my choices and will forever be thankful to Phyllis for her guidance on this journey.

Lisa S., 2012

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