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Complimentary Services
  • Initial conversation to decide if we are a good fit for working together

  • Lending library of over 750 career books ranging from “Power Networking” to “Why Should Extroverts Make All the Money” to “Never Work for a Jerk”

  •  Over 100 handouts on topics as diverse as burnout, overqualified and interim jobs

  • Video: “Not Just a Job: Career Planning for Women (video made at Phyllis Stein’s Radcliffe office by Cambridge Documentary Films).

Complimentary Services
Career Conselng on a sliding scale anchor
Career Counseling on a Sliding Scale

For career exploration, job hunting, and/or on the job issues, we might be discussing multiple concerns from a vast number of work issues. For example:


What do I want to do? How do I decide ? 

How and why to network and conduct informational interviews

Structuring your time

How to find support and reduce the isolation of the job search  process

Your job target(s)

Self advocacy / elevator speech

Self care

Portfolio careers

Starting your own business

Time management in a job hunt or career exploration

Are job hunting expenses tax deductible?

Cost/benefit analysis of additional education


Job Loss and recovery

And Much More...

Career Coaching for a Fixed Hourly Fee

  • Regular weekly or biweekly contact around current on the job issues, moving up in the job, strategizing for a job search, etc.

  • Assistance in keeping motivated and accountable in a job search or career exploration

  • Done exclusively by phone; usually in ¼ or ½ hour segments

Career Coaching for a Fixed Hourly Fee
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