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"I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that Phyllis Stein saves souls. When you don’t know want you want to do with your life, it can certainly feel like your very soul is suffering. Phyllis gives you respect, direction and space you need to find work you can be enthusiastic about."
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(Former lawyer, became writer)

  • At all stages of life from first career through retirement

  • Considering a future career, in a job search, or dealing with on the job issues

  • Exploring the economic, political, intellectual and emotional issues involved in career decision-making

  • Re-entering the job market after a job loss, illness, or family responsibilities

  • Preparing needed documents, such as resumes and cover letters

-- Available by phone

Career and life planning work for women and men of all ages--


Offering 40+ years of career wisdom...

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